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  2. Sorry about my ranting but…

    You knew how excited I was to show him what I had done for him. I spent hours and hours each day doing if for him and you go and fucking ruin it. All you’ve ever done is snitch me in or spoil things and just when you start being nice to me again and I start to believe you.
    I know that I might sound like a little bitch (literally, I’m short >_

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  3. So I feel asleep to an album that I hasn’t listened to before. I had a super weird experience doing this. I had made it around the album quite a few times while I had slept.
    When I listened to this album when I was wake for the first time, I knew words to songs I had only ever heard in my sleep. It was so strange… I first listened to riptide by vance joy on repeat all night and I woke up and knew all the words to it!
    What the actual hell?

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  4. I honestly wonder if Ezra ever proposes to Aria and if he does, how the hell will we cope?!

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  6. Oh my god, someone is in our house and I was practicing my music. A stranger has heard me sing, not even my dad has gotten that far! 😵
    I’m scared now… I don’t want to practice but I need to! X

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  7. Urgh school tomorrow…

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Just a satisfying Game Boy gif


    Just a satisfying Game Boy gif

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